Videos, Presentations

Talks and Interviews

Cameron Robertson & Todd Reichert
"Human Powered Helicopter"
Jean Botti
"Future Aircraft and Space Technology"
Daniela Tirsch
"A Traveler's Guide to Mars"
Gajamohan Mohanarajah
Peter Seeberger
"Making Drugs From Waste"
Ksenija Sidorova
"The Wonders of the Accordeon"
Elisa Resconi
"The Birth of a New Astronomy: Visualizing the Invisible"
Andrea Maccio
"Playing God: Creating Your Own Galaxy"
Fred Guterl
"The 12-12-12 Science Wrap-Up"
Kate Stone
"Putting Computers Into Paper"
Marco Tempest
"Inventing the Impossible"
John-Dylan Haynes
"Do We Have Free Will?"
Helmut Bertalanffy
"The Art of Brain Surgery"
Dan Dennett
"Understanding Consciousness"
Gerhard Schroeder, Ex-Chancellor of Germany
"Survival Skills of a Politician"
Raffaello D'Andrea
"The Coming Machine Revolution"
Matt Ridley
"The Rational Optimist"
Tom Wujec, Autodesk
"Exponential Technologies"
Simone Schürle
Tomáš Sedláček
"The Economics of Good and Evil"
Gerd Gigerenzer, Max Planck Institute
"Heuristics that Make Us Smart"
Claudio Ruch & Paul Beardsley
"Flying Skye"
Peter Fankhauser & Christian Schluchter, ETH Zurich
Roy Baumeister, Florida State University
John Gray
"The Dangers of Faith in Progress"
Robert Cialdini
Paul Romer, New York University
"Charter Cities"
Marc Pollefeys, ETH Zurich
"Making it 3D"
Lorenz Meier, ETH Zurich
"A Vision for Autonomous Flight"
Klaas Enno Stephan, University of Zurich and ETH
"Revolutionizing Psychiatry"
Jazi Zilber
"The Power of Tricks"
Geroges Kern, IWC
"Selling Dreams"
Anita Leuzinger
"The Stradivari Effect"
Urs Hölzle
"Where the Internet Lives"
Lorenz Meier
"Open Hardware"
Geo Robson, ETH Zurich
"Wingsuit Aerodynamics"
Ralph Langner
"Destructive Cyber Weapons"
David Bolinsky, Xvivo
"Biology is Art"
Michael Raissig, Biology, University of Zurich
"The Battle of the Sexes"
Arthur de Vany, University of California, Irvine
"Evolutionary Fitness"
Herbert Bay & Till Quack, Kooaba
"Make Smart Visuals"
Lars Kolind
Leda Cosmides & John Tooby, University of California
"Evolutionary Psychology"
Raffaello D'Andrea
"What are dynamic systems?"
Didier Sornette, Risk, ETH Zurich
"Predicting Crisis and Triumph"
Simon Ammann & Gerhard Tröster, Microelect., ETH Zurich
"The Science of Ski Jumping"
Ursula Keller
"Super Short Laser Pulses"
Greta Patzke
"The Magnificent World of Oxides"
Nicolas Gruber
"CO2 and its Impact on Marine Life"
Ben Moore
"The Origin of the Universe"
Paul Romer
"Charter Cities"
Bill Bonner
"The New Financial Crisis"
Didier Sornette
"How to Predict Risks"
Christina Warinner
"What our Ancestors Ate"
Laura Baudis
"Chasing Dark Matter"
Laura Baudis, University of Zurich
"The Unbearable Lightness of Neutrinos"
Nils Thuerey, ETH Zurich
"Virtual Smoke and Water"
Antje Rey, ETH Zurich
"Molecular Electronics"
Ashkan Nikeghbali
"The Beauty of Doing Math"
Klaas Enno Stephan
"Revolutionizing Psychiatry"
Benjamin Beilmann
"The Magic of the Violin"
Claudio Feser, McKinsey
"The Power of Strategy"
Dirk Helbing
"Modeling Complexity"
David & Christopher Mikkelsen
"Refugees United `Millions Separated`"
Greta Patzke, University of Zurich
"Left Hands versus Right Hands"
Alexandra Trkola
"What's the Deal with the HIV Virus?"
Helmut Bertalanffy, University Hospital Zurich
"The Art of Brain Surgery"
Homayoun Bagheri
"How do Multicellular Organisms Work?"
Daniel Dennett, Tufts University
"How Memes Made Minds: The Evolution of Reasons"
Ben Moore, University of Zurich
"The Future of the Universe"
Kevin Heng
Yves Barral, ETH Zurich
Ernst Fehr
"How do we Cooperate?"
Christian von Mering, University of Zürich
"Sequencing the Invisible"
Ulrike Ehlert
"Can we cope with stress?"
Ruth Schwartländer, ETH Zurich
"Why Nano in Technology?"
Andreas Wagner
"The Hidden Architecture of Life"
Radja Boughezal, University of Zurich
"Why Is There Mass?"
Sergei Lupashin, ETH Zurich
"Autonomous Quadrator Aerobatics"
Roy Baumeister
"Is There Anything Good About Men?"
Tom Wujec
"Towards Singularity"
Philipp Reist, ETH Zurich
"Controlling the Uncontrollable"