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“First-class speakers, a world of fascinating and eye-opening insights. One of my intellectual highlights of the year! Lots of brilliant people to get to know and discuss with. Compliments to ZURICH.MINDS!” (Dr. Christoph Franz, CEO Lufthansa)

Insightful presentations and discussions – an excellent opportunity to mentally break out of daily professional life. (Dr. Thomas Buberl, CEO, AXA Konzern AG)

ZURICH.MINDS is indispensable to the intellectual vibrancy of our society. (Prof. Dr. Gerd Gigerenzer, Director, Max Planck Institute, Berlin)

It was a once-in-a-lifetime day for me. (Prof. Yoram Barak, Clinical Psychology, Tel-Aviv University)

Bringing together the best and most innovative thinkers and practitioners in a wide variety of cutting-edge disciplines, ZURICH.MINDS is an intellectual feast – and great fun. Nowhere else do science, business and critical thought come together so creatively. A unique forum for genuinely new thinking. (Prof. John Gray, professor at the London School of Economics and best-selling author)

ZURICH.MINDS helps me think out of the box. Not only by combining science, business and art, but indeed because of the great people I meet. ZURICH.MINDS is not only inspiring, but provoking. (Lars Kolind, CEO, multiple Board Member, Entrepreneur, Denmark)

ZURICH.MINDS is the drug for intellectuals. (Tomás Sedláček, Economist, Prague)

ZURICH.MINDS’ short presentations are great. Especially for a politician. (Gerhard Schröder, ex-Chancellor, Germany)

On the basis of prior speaker testimonials, I came to ZURICH.MINDS with what I was sure were unreasonably high expectations. They were exceeded.
(Prof. Robert Cialdini, Author of the global bestseller „Influence“, Arizona State University)

One afternoon at ZURICH.MINDS is like traveling in 80 days around the world. Not with elephants and balloons as in the book of Jules Verne but instead by learning about ballbots, electronically assisted ski jumping and virtual imaging of human faces at the Disney labs. A great mental journey in new worlds followed by inspiring discussions with interesting people I would not have met otherwise. I will not miss the next ZURICH.MINDS. (Dr. Thomas Vollmoeller, CEO, Xing)

Everything at ZURICH.MINDS was great. But it’s clear that flying robots I enjoyed the most. (Urs Hölzle, Google Fellow and Head of Google’s data centers, Palo Alto)

Drawn from inspiring settings in a majestic ballroom, thoughts of intrigue, brilliance and humor flowed from the stage. Not only were the talks of impressive quality, the event shaped around it and the possibility to engage with great people one on one made the event unforgettable. (David and Christopher Mikkelsen, Founders, Refugees United, Denmark)

ZURICH.MINDS is not only intellectual highly inspiring and thrilling. It is a meeting point of brilliant ideas that are essential in shaping the future. (Dr. Markus Spillmann, Editor-in-Chief, Neue Zürcher Zeitung)

Thanks for a glorious day of ZURICH.MINDS. The program was packed with ideas (and facts – ideas without facts is not nourishing to me!) and the presentation was like Swiss clockwork, on time and smooth. The spirit in the room was very productive and lively. Keep it up; you’re on to a great thing. (Prof. Daniel C. Dennett, Philosopher and Author of several New York Times bestsellers, Tufts University)

Thanks for an intellectually challenging evening. The variety of topics was amazing and the fascination never dropped. Love the concept – Hungry for more. (Ton Büchner, CEO, AkzoNobel)

Better than TED! Cutting edge research. A high level of content. A fantastic opportunity to discuss and exchange views with a great number of thought leaders in a very compact time frame. (Erik Brenninkmeijer, Chairman C&A)

Thank you, ZURICH.MINDS. It was one of the best events I have been to. (Prof. Julian Savulescu, Bioethics, Oxford University)

Astonishing and inspiring presentations, world-class speakers and intense discussions make ZURICH.MINDS one of the very few events I really don’t want to miss. (Georges Kern, CEO, IWC International Watch Company, Schaffhausen)

What an astounding fireworks display of brilliant and diverse presentations. ZURICH.MINDS is unbeatable! (Prof. Theodor Landis, MD, Chair, Dept. Clinical Neurosciences, University of Geneva)

ZURICH.MINDS is a most amazing experience. What a unique opportunity to meet fascinating people and be confronted with ideas that normally would not cross your way. (Harry Hohmeister, CEO, Swiss Airlines)

All my already high expectations were exceeded by far: ZURICH.MINDS is an effective melting pot of wonderful ingredients: interesting topics beyond your day-to-day experience, great speakers, interesting guests and a stimulating atmosphere. (Dr. Martin Strobel, CEO, Baloise Group)

ZURICH.MINDS is the best evidence that intellectual standards are rising and that the general appetite for smart events is growing. Please, more of that! (Finn Canonica, Chief Editor, Das Magazin)

A most intriguing and thought-provoking experience. I found myself taking notes more than once. The atmosphere was very special, and such that it brought the best out of both presenters and audience. (Jacob Burak, Founder, Evergreen Ventures, Israel)

What a great concept! (Dr. Uli Sigg, Vice Chairman, Ringier Group, former Ambassador to China, world’s largest collector of Chinese art)

At ZURICH.MINDS, inspiration is not just a thought. It is a state of mind. (Dr. Dominique von Matt, CEO, Jung von Matt Ad Agency)

On the coldest day of the year, I attended the hottest event of the year: the ZURICH.MINDS annual meeting. Where else can you hear in one afternoon presentations by an astronomer, a philosopher, a Google fellow, an ex-chancellor of Germany, and a violinist? (Prof. Alumit Ishai, Brain Research, University of Zurich)

So much knowledge about issues you normally don’t hear about, combined with intensive discussions. ZURICH.MINDS is a great thing. (Prof. Peter Gomez, Chairman, Swiss Stock Exchange)

ZURICH.MINDS is fun. It is an open door to the world of new ideas and new ways of understanding the world we live in. (Bill Bonner, CEO, Agora Publishing, Paris)

I experienced ZURICH.MINDS as a groundbreaking initiative, where creative people from a wide variety of backgrounds come together to share knowledge, experience and energy. (Nils Hagander, Founder, a-connect)

This was an exciting event! Congratulations. ZURICH.MINDS will have a huge impact on the intersection of science and business. (Prof. Dirk Helbing, Economics, ETH Zurich)

ZURICH.MINDS provedes a unique and wonderful opportunity for the young scientists at my faculty to interact with outstanding minds that come from a different walk of life – and with whom they would hardly ever interact otherwise. (Prof. Michael Hengartner, Molecular Biology, Dean, University of Zurich)

The evening was great. The presentations and the subsequent conversations were a pleasure. (Prof. Ernst Fehr, Neuroeconomics, University Zurich/the world’s most cited economist)

ZURICH.MINDS was useful for me; by coincidence it provided me with facts and insights that I would otherwise have had to obtain with more effort. (Prof. Kurth Wüthrich, Nobel Prize Winner in Chemistry 2002, ETH Zurich)

When singular glowing sparks unite to build a firework: To make culture visible and radiant you need passionate, free-spirited personalities with surprising ideas. Zurich found this with the brilliant ZURICH.MINDS. (Bice Curiger, Editorial Director, Tate etc., Curator of the Biennale Venice, and curator of the Museum of Fine Arts, Zurich)

What a great event. ZURICH.MINDS is intellectual chamber music at its best. (Dr. Marcel Reichart, Head of Digital Development, Bertelsmann/Young Global Leader World Economic Forum)

ZURICH.MINDS was a fantastic event. There were so many interesting people around, and I wish I could have talked to all of them! (Prof. Laura Baudis, Theoretical Physics, University of Zurich)

Talks ranging from mind over matter to dark matter… followed by enlightening discussions about everything in science and society that really matters – what a splendid event! (Prof. Greta Patzke, Inorganic Chemistry, University of Zurich)

Unique idea. Unique atmosphere. Unique mix of opinion leaders. Unique content. (Marc Walder, CEO, Ringier Group, including Cicero Magazine)

ZURICH.MINDS has developed an excellent platform, featuring thinkers full of energy and passion, and with the potential to substantially improve scientific literacy in society. (Victor Willi, Global Leadership Fellow, World Economic Forum)

ZURICH.MINDS is a platform where you can discuss ideas and insights outside the daily business routine. (Victor Aerni, Managing Partner, The Boston Consulting Group)

The day of a ZURICH.MINDS event stands out from all the ‘normal’ days. Thanks so much for the inspiration. ZURICH.MINDS is fantastic! (Pascale Bruderer, Chairperson and Speaker of the House, the Swiss Federal Parliament)

With all my heart – many thanks for an inspiring and fun event. A wonderful collection of scientists and businessmen. You have a real talent for picking exciting and thought-provoking speakers. (Peter Bevelin, author and CEO, AB Possessor)

ZURICH.MINDS is a tribute to the adventuresome, creative human mind and its most impressive creation – science. From ‘rookies’ to masters, ZURICH.MINDS assembles scientists with great minds who move with Swiss precision over the peaks of human thought and invention. It is four hours of intense and exciting adventure that leaves you in awe of the human mind. (Prof. Arthur de Vany, Mathematics, University of California, Irvine; author of “The New Evolution Diet”)

Truly unconventional, insightful and upbeat. ZURICH.MINDS provides both intellectual stimulus and an effective escape from the ordinary. (Frank Krings, Member of the Board, Deutsche Pfandbriefbank)

ZURICH.MINDS is a grandiose experience. The talks are inspiring and the ambience is out of this world. Congratulations! (Dr. Daniel Kampa, Diogenes Publishers)

ZURICH.MINDS is a wonderful community of passionate souls. Thank you.“ (Hans Danuser, Artist, Photographer)

ZURICH.MINDS is chock full of mind-boggling, stimulating and short presentations. (Thomas Carl Schwoerer, CEO, Campus Publisher)

If you think you have seen it all, come and join ZURICH.MINDS. It will make you think again! (Kai-Uwe Ricke, Ex CEO, Deutsche Telekom and Member of the Clinton Global Initiative)

Thank you for an afternoon full of inspiring speeches and an evening full of even more inspiring discussions. The variety at ZURICH.MINDS is amazing. What else could one ask for? (Peter Stamm, Novelist)

Of all the TED and TED-like events I have been to, I think that was the best. Really good meat in a really good sandwich. (Matt Ridley, The Economist, author of NYT bestseller „The Rational Optimist“)

ZURICH.MINDS is an intellectual oasis. In the dessert created by a media monoculture that celebrates ignorance, cynicism, and negative-attention-getting behavior, it’s a community with a shared commitment to the pursuit of the common good and a shared belief that in this pursuit, ideas matter. (Prof. Paul Romer, Charter Cities and New York University)

I attend many conferences but have never experienced one quite like ZURICH.MINDS! The diversity of information was terrific – from how to think and make decisions, to cutting-edge technology, to novel approaches for marketing luxury goods, to what it is like to play a 15 million dollar Stradivari cello (and the worries of carrying it on the bus or tram!). I am sure everyone who attended went home with new ideas. (Prof. Roy F. Baumeister, Head of the Social Psychology Department, Florida State University)

Take the most inspiring people of our time and put them together – that is ZURICH.MINDS. (Ralph Langner, the discoverer of Stuxnet Virus, Hamburg)

A number of people who I highly esteem raved about ZURICH.MINDS and so, my expectations were high. What I experienced was beyond that and of highest quality and simply a highlight of the year! (Alfred Gantner, Co-Founder and Chairman, Partners Group)

ZURICH.MINDS reminds me of the Institute for Advanced Study, where I lived among historians, economists, physicists, mathematicians, etc, who were at the top of their game. (Kevin Heng, Astrophysics, University of Bern)

“ZURICH.MINDS is an incredible experience. It is so rare and delightful to have an event that brings together experts in the sciences, the arts, and engineering, as well as entrepreneurs, politicians, finance specialists, and businesspeople. It is such a treat and a pleasure to be involved. I am particularly impressed by the attention to detail – from the venue, to the decor, to the hotel, to the food, and the flowers – the event is just superb from top to bottom.” (Prof. Christina Warinner, Evolutionary Medicine, University of Oklahoma)

ZURICH.MINDS is truly special! Packed with nourishment to the mind and heart. I learned, was educated and moved in perfectly choreographed hours. Thank you. (Prof. Amar Bhide, Economics, Tufts University)

Fucking cool. (Prof. Ben Moore, Astrophysics, University of Zurich)